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Spirituality – an Inside Job?

Does spirituality come from practicing a religion, an Eastern philosophy or simply communing in nature? Or does it come from a deep eternal connection to our Creator, God, the infinite Source of Pure Light that brought the universe into existence?

Some would say you find spirituality in a church – but the church is not about walls, steeples and music. The church is about the people and their eternal connection to the God who created the universe. Others say, they are spiritual when sitting on the beach, sitting in a bunker in a war torn country or hiking in the woods.

What I have discovered as I’ve traveled my journey seeking the truth and a deep meaningful connection is that spirituality is an inside job.

You can find it in a building, at the beach or on a mountain top if you seek and quiet your mind. In fact, we were hardwired since the beginning of time to seek, find and live in the love and light of the eternal Creator.

Great controversy erupted among biblical scholars when additional writings and gospels, currently not included in the Bible, were discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945. The newly found Gospel of Thomas is filled with only quotes of Jesus, no stories or interpretations but just quotes. When Jesus was asked about where we come from he answered, “If they say to you, ‘Where do you come from?’ Say, ‘We come from the light; the place where the light (first) came into being…’ If they way to you, ‘Who are you?’ Say, ‘We are the children (of the light), and we are the chosen of the living Father.’”

What a different perspective offered by Thomas versus that of the Gospel of John. Did Constantine, the ruler of Rome at the time deliberately leave out the Gospel of Thomas where Thomas describes God as the Light of the world and where you and I can directly commune with God because we are the children of the Light?

I have come to believe we are all truly children of the Light of the Universe, the Creator of all things and as children, can directly communicate, send and receive communication, if we seek, still are minds and are open to receive. We are eternally and internally hardwired to the infinite source of hope, love, peace and joy. Do you believe you are hardwired and can access the Creator of all that is?

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