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Spirituality is Your Sanctuary

Spirituality provides you a sanctuary by encouraging, inspiring and keeping you focused on the important things in your life whether sitting in a doctor’s office, picking up children at school or in the board room.

Spirituality – you are always connected

Spirituality Empowers and Influences You

Spirituality empowers you when you hear “you’re hired” and sustains you when you hear “you’re fired” or “it is cancer.” Your spiritual connection to your Creator’s infinite wisdom provides the answers you seek. The Creator’s eternal love provides the nurturing and sanctuary within to proceed.

• If anxiety, stress and chaos are ruling your day, look to the Divine within for strength and empowerment. Keep your mind focused – don’t allow your humanity to distract you so you stray off course. • When you see everything as perfect and unfolding in Divine order, nothing is a mistake. If something is not going the way you think it should, look within. • The way to see personal spiritual progress is to look at what annoys you and you will find what is out of alignment or out of focus in your life.

When you seek clarity, you will discover that your higher self is never in turmoil, only your human mind with that negative loop of words that constantly cycle through telling you that you can’t or won’t succeed, get the job or (you fill in the blank ____).

When you focus on staying centered you will find your spiritual sanctuary where peace and joy are eternally present and clarity is assured.

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