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Spirituality Leads to Inner Peace

Truth, joy and inner peace are the dots you connect or the milestones you understand when you experience firsthand a deep spiritual connection with the Creator.

The illusion of humanity’s separateness from God, when removed, restores all things such as unconditional love, peace within and all-knowing.

All humanity comes from the Light, where the good and truth come into being. All are the children of the living God, the Universe; the Creator of all. Being created in God’s image, humanity too creates works and acts – then rest.

The Secret to Inner Peace

Discovering your Devine eternal connection within is the secret. It is your direct connection to God that leads to truth, joy and inner peace. That direct connection is and has always been hardwired into humanity. Unfortunately in humanity’s chaotic fast-paced multi-tasking lifestyle of the 21st Century we no longer hear the still voice of the Devine within.

Finding that still voice within for some seems impossible, for others is as obvious as the nose on your face. If you haven’t found it, how do you begin? If you have found it, how do you stay connected?

Thought controls focus and focus controls action. What we focus on enlarges and is drawn to us – whether good or bad.

Focus your thoughts. When you take control of your thoughts you also take control of where you mind wanders – eliminate distractions and get rid of negative loop thinking. Once you are in control you can channel your thoughts to go in a certain direction to get the results you desire – being spiritually connected.

In other words, when I find my mind wandering into negative thinking or am distracted, I gently take control and say “no” that is not where I need to be focused right now. I need to be centered in the thought that I am a child of God and desire to maintain a strong spiritual connection to infinite wisdom and eternal love.

Focus your actions. As you get control of your thoughts, it is much easier to also control your actions. And it is your actions that provide the follow through such as creating quiet time in your life so you can remain focused on your spirituality long enough to not only hear that quiet divine voice within but be connected at a moment’s notice.

You need an absolutely quiet receptive mind to access your spiritual-ness before you can attain inner peace.

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