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Spirituality, Technology You Can Trust

What does spirituality and technology have in common? Some might say nothing but I believe as spiritual creations living in human bodies, we are hardwired with an eternal connection to God, our Creator and the universe. We don’t need the external technology of a digitized world to make our connection because we have a direct hookup internally that is accessible at the speed of a thought.

Improve Your Future by Unleashing Spirituality

This type of built-in technology never crashes, goes down or is unavailable, telling you to come back later and try again. You have no phone numbers to memorize, sequences of passcodes to navigate or dropped WIFI connections. Your spiritual connection is always available for consultation, consoling, encouraging, and innovating. This connection is always trustworthy, truthful and impervious to hackers. Yet so many never even think to seek out this infinite, always online and available eternal source of empowerment.

The “why” is that this vast eternal source of infinite wisdom is available to you at any time to help you find solutions to problems you think are unsolvable, find answers to questions that leave you discouraged and in despair and find love even where it appears there is none and emptiness resides.

The “how” is really quite simple – desire and silence.

Desire is the first step. If you desire spirituality and the greatest spiritual hookup in the world, all you need to do is seek and you will find it. It lies within, has been hardwired within throughout your existence. It is not imposed on you but should you seek and greatly desire it, you will find it.

Silence is the key. It is essential for your mind and body to be totally silent so you can hear that calm quiet voice within that beckons you to be connected to the greatest spiritual network in the world. This type of love, encouragement and empowerment cannot be found within the confines of your smartphone, tablet or X box but only within the quiet of your mind and heart. How you get there doesn’t matter. When you pray, meditate, journal or go for quiet walks in the park or on the beach to get to this quiet place; and if you desire something better in your world, you need to silence everything else and listen.

For me the key was studying Feng Shui which brought balance back into my life and helped me unclutter my world. It opened the door to creativity in my life and journaling which was my direct line to a spiritual connection. One that I knew I had all along but never gave a second thought to access it.

Get connected today – you will find love, wisdom and joy.

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