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Dealing with Life Transitions

The rainbow withing connects us without to each other and within to the universe, infinite wisdom and love.

Life Transitions come in many forms – job loss, divorce, death of a loved one, a bad medical diagnosis, the loss of a pet, even the empty nest syndrome – all are life transitions. What do you do to cope? Are there definite steps you can take to remain encouraged and inspired to move forward?

The most important step I’ve found that works every time is to calm yourself and quiet your mind. Getting in-control of that endless loop of negative thought that continues taking you on a downward spiral is critical to moving forward. In order to get in-control you must calm yourself first, then find a quiet place in your home or office where you can pray, meditate or simply empty your mind, let you heal and make way for new positive thought to enter.

The quiet place, a personal sanctuary if you will, should be your refuge from all noise pollution whether of your own making or that of others whether inperson or by electronics and social media. Only when you are still on the inside will you find peace and hope to create a better tomorrow. Only once you’ve emptied your mind of noise clutter can new uplifting ideas enter your mind to show you the way to that better tomorrow. This is one of the ways to connect spiritually and let your Creator guide you through the difficult times so you can experience the joy ahead.

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