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How Spirituality Reduces Stress

According to the Mayo Clinic “Taking the path less traveled by exploring your spirituality can lead to a clearer life purpose, better personal relationships and enhanced stress management skills.”

Spirituality is the road less traveled in this case. It does not refer to just religious practices but rather the journey within to find our spiritual core, our soul and belief in a higher Creator, the Source of all Good, God.

They believe spirituality reduces stress because you find meaning to life, feel less alone and have a healthier outlook on life. While all of this is true I believe they missed two of the most important reasons spirituality reduces stress.

Spirituality connects you to Infinite Love

Once you have travelled on your journey within and found your connection to the Eternal source of Love in the universe, you discover that God is a real being, not impersonal and uninterested, with whom you can have a two-way spiritual relationship. The secret to having a two-way dialogue is to still your heart and mind through meditation, prayer or journaling and listen for that still voice within. Hearing the voice of eternal infinite Love reduces stress.

Spirituality Inspires and Innovates

Spirituality inspires, motivates and empowers you to awaken your creativity which leads to innovation, solutions and invention. Whatever your life challenges, spirituality renews hope and helps build your personal road map to a better future. It will help guide you through anxious times and life transitions creating peace and calm within while the world on the outside is falling apart. Knowing that there is eternal hope and a roadmap to a better future reduces stress.

It is the right creative side of the brain that solves problems, innovates and makes the internal spiritual connection. Since so many of us live on the logical left side of the brain, spirituality brings balance to an otherwise chaotic world. What kind of difference would it make in your life if you found your internal spiritual connection?

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