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Spitirual Artwork – Thought Provoking Artwork for the Soul

All artwork should evoke some type of feeling, encouragement, inspiration or simply enjoyment. But spiritual artwork should speak to the soul. It should be filled with expressions of emotion, encouragement and connection created through color shape and design. Spiritual artwork is all about the body,mind and spirit uniting even if but for a brief moment and taking in all of the energy on display.

Spiritual artwork should permeate the soul and inspire you, encourage you and empower you to reach for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that is less chaotic, more peaceful and dreams are made of. If a piece of artwork motivates you, hang it near your desk to be more productive, if it gives you calm and peace, hang it in a place of rest or your sanctuary. Let it speak to you as you meditate or pray so you can draw strength from the colors, shapes and designs.

Where have you placed your spiritual artwork and does your artwork nurture your body, mind and soul?

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