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Your Connection is a Heartbeat Away

Do you ever feel disconnected, unengaged and just plain alone yet deep within have this longing for something, an eternal something?

From the moment you are born something within tugs at your heart-strings encouraging you to start your journey – not just any journey but your journey. The reason you came to planet earth. Yes, of course you will grow up to be an adult; be someone’s child, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, aunt or uncle. The options are many for your human journey. But what about your spiritual journey? Have you ever considered that you have a spiritual purpose as well, and a deep eternal connection?

Why are you here on planet earth, why now and what is your spiritual journey.

Perhaps you will find some answers when you view artwork. Others may find them in words, meditation, prayer, on mountain tops or the canyons of cement cities and disconnecting cubicles. Where ever your journey begins, begin seeking and searching today, begin now. Remember, the journey is as important as is finding the answers which are only a heartbeat away.

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